The New, the Old and the Real


“Fruit of the day” has not been my most popular painting. It has been a personal favorite though, since the very beginning. It took me 2 days to arrange the grapes around that apple, until the feeling of harmony was complete. Then only I started painting, and the feeling stayed with me throughout the process. It’s been one of my most rewarding painting experiences.

Change is fast in the world we live in. It pretends to make life easier, but sometimes I think it just makes it more complicated. New apps, new technology, all take some energy to learn, to use, to adapt. How real are they, and for how long? Is it really worth it, I ask myself sometimes, how soon something else will come along to replace this new shiny thing…

In stark contrast, our natural world stays the same. An apple is still an apple. A thing of real beauty, that came from a garden, where other apples will ripen next summer. I find comfort in that, a firm foundation, and inspiration.

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