Questioning the purpose of art making

As an artist, I ponder existential questions such as “Do we need art?” at random times, in random places.

One time, walking the large hallways of a city hospital, as it happened, I was questioning the whole purpose of art making, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to just move to a garden, instead of painting flowers.

Lost in thought, I took the wrong turn and found myself in a completely new hallway. It was different, because of the large art reproductions on walls: vases with flowers, portraits, the figure half-dressed, sunflowers in a garden etc.

Curious, I immersed myself in watching one after another, losing track of time altogether. After a while, I noticed my breathing was easier and my mood improved. Then I checked to see where this was: Psychiatry…

It felt like clarity… I simply understood that as long as we live indoors, we need art. Everyone needs art.


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