Spring Intoxication


You may have noticed… There is a freshness and a purity in white petals, that speak of tenderness and an almost “unbearable lightness of being”, in the words of Milan Kundera.

Spring has the intoxicating beauty of youth, fresh and carefree, and very seductive. An abundance of white petals, which, for an artist painting from nature like me, offers more inspiration than I have time to put on canvas. In general that is true, but especially in spring.

I’ve been focusing on white tulips this spring, on a background with light but no warmth, as spring tends to be where I live. Finding balance between white petals and the grey background hasn’t been easy, when I thought it should, at times quite frustrating, much like this spring, moody and rainy and blissful when a sunny day comes by. Feeling somewhat tired after all the ups and downs, the tulips aren’t finished, and oh my God, peonies are going to bloom soon!

There is one thing I am most grateful for however. In my painting practice I have learned to listen closely and follow my feelings, for color harmony is a feeling. It is an inner guide that lets me know what feels good and what does not, one brushstroke at a time. The destination may not be here but the journey is magical. At best, I, and you too, can live in a flow of harmony that never lies.

"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.

  Neither need you do anything but be yourself."               

   (Lao Tzu)